Discover the potential of your body, Find your key to health and anti-aging
Support your health, wellness, and beauty from inside out on a cellular level with a Registered Nurse in primary care and naturopathic wellness.
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about me

Nurse Valeriia
The earlier one starts caring for their body, the greater longevity they will enjoy. I believe that it is important for every woman to feel successful and confident in order to enjoy all aspects of life.

Registered Nurse with a diverse portfolio of experience in primary care, aesthetic medicine and cellular wellness

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Studied in USA, Ukraine, and Canada

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Conquered the decade-long hormonal issues through Redox Signaling Molecules and daily health-practices

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Author of a successful Instagram blog about natural anti-aging

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National cosmetic beauty trainer

Let me help you to rediscover your womanhood, energy and reclaim your beauty.

Natural rejuvenation
Without injections, chemicals or surgical procedures. Through practices and the power of Redox signaling molecules, your body will reclaim its beauty and reverse aging processes.

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    You’ll feel first dynamics
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    Noticeable result of the before/after
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    Improved overall health and physical appearance of face and body
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What is ASEA

and its effects on your body

Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) are native to the body and are crucial to healing. It is created by reorganizing the structure of natural salt and purified water that creates stabilized RSM. These are the signals that are activating genetic pathways and help improve proper immune system function, improves digestive health and enzyme production. It helps maintain the cardiovascular and hormonal systems.

Benefits of supplementing RSM with ASEA:

Enhanced overall well-being, including support of body’s self-healing abilities
Increased energy and strong immune system
Modulated hormonal balance
Increased 5 gene signaling pathways up to 31%
Improved digestive system
Regained feeling of confidence and beauty from inside out
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you’ll feel empowered

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